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Thunder Tiger Aviation Group leads financial technology to open a brand new business mode


In recent years, financial technology has experienced up and downs; with retreat, advance towards and competition; however, no one has doubt its prospects. At present, financial technology has encountered new wind gap, this hot market has burnt big data risk management, cloud computering, block chain business. On 25th June 2017, ‘2017 China Information Economy+ Financial Technology Development Forum’ grand opened in People’s Daily; the forum was organized by Zhongze Culture’s subsidiary Thunder Tiger Aviation Group; and hosted by China Electronic Commerce Association Internet Finance Research Institute and China Electronic Commerce Association Financial Technology Research Institute.

First, Thunder Tiger Aviation Group chairman Chai Sen greeted and thanked all attending guests on behalf of the organizer. Then 10th C.P.P.C.C’s vice chairman Mr. Li Meng made an opening speech; C.P.P.C.C Economic Committee deputy director and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China’s first minister Li Yizhong, the State Council Board of Supervisors chairman Li Xiaonan, National Council for Social Security Fund’s party committee secretary and vice chairman, vice minister Wang Zhongmin, People’s Bank of China counselor, director Sheng Songcheng, Peking University National School of Development director Yao Yang, Supreme People's Procuratorate Anti-Corruption Central Office Second Bureau former deputy director Li Zhongcheng, Alibaba Group vice president Gao Hongbing all delivered significant speeches. The distinguished guests centered on the core content ‘information economy+ financial technology’, and discussed about guiding and standardizing financial development, as well as establishing networked collaboration innovation system, shared experience, exchanged recent updates of the industry, probed into precious experiences and unique viewpoints in financial technology development process.

Chairman Chai Sen combined this forum’s topic and background to introduce that Thunder Tiger Aviation Group is proceeding industrial distribution of ‘technology+ industry+ capital’, focusing on establish network of things which regard SATCOM as the main body, meanwhile research and develop intelligent terminal products such as autonomous drones and robots, with the hope of utilize data through ‘terminal+ data+ interconnection+ share’ mode, in order to form effective big data resource. Thunder Tiger will impetus integration between financial innovation and technological innovation based on big data; devote itself to research and development and design of internet of things and intelligent terminal, as well as shaping network, not only covering the cities we live, but more importantly will cover ocean, wasteland, desert and other areas where ground communications are not widespread, this will be a crucial information channel in the future, bonding with new information sharing mode, many brand new business modes will be opened.

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