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Hi Definition or 4K cameras are the most commonly used camera with a drone. There are numerous applications in which they can be used such as capturing aerial footage for movies, media or sports, emergency services situation surveillance, estate agent marketing videos or photogrammetry. It is important to remember that you may also require to obtain specific software to piece together the images or to make the all important movie.

There are endless selection of cameras from the smallest GoPro style camera to a large slow motion camera, the most important things to consider is the weight of the camera, the flight time you will achieve with the camera and a suitable gimbal to stabilise the camera shot. Thunder Tiger Aviation UAV's provide you with class leading payload capability, stability and flight time to suit nearly all of you image capture operations. Things to consider when purchasing a camera are:

High resolution: most high quality cameras support resolutions of 8 mega pixels or better. 

High quality non-zoom lenses (for Photogrammetry): nearly all digital consumer cameras are equipped with a zoom lens, if using a zoom lens, you should set the optical zoom to one setting. Avoid using the digital zoom settings - digital zoom manipulates the photo without actually adjusting the focal length. DSLRs on the other hand let you choose your lens and we recommend a wide-angle non-zoom lens. Do not use vibration reduction or image stabilization lenses. 

Control over settings: if your camera has automatic features such as image stabilization or orientation detection ensure there are menu settings for turning these features off. Other good controls are for manual focus and sharpening (and in some cases aperture and shutter speed).

TTA can provide suggested camera types for all of our products, this will ensure that the buyer will have a payload that has already been developed and tested with our equipment. We would like to hear from any camera / sensor companies that are interested in becoming a preferred supplier. The advantages brought to you by teaming up with our market leading products can provide huge marketing benefits.

If requested TTA can also develop any camera / sensor type to suit our products on a case by case basis. Our experienced design and manufacturing team are perfectly situated to work closely with any potential user to help them find a solution to their operations.

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