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When it is difficult to see with the naked eye you can turn to Infrared otherwise known as thermal imagery. There are many different uses for a thermal camera such as search and rescue, fire fighting, power line inspection and solar panel inspection. For the emergency services, high quality thermal imaging can be the difference between life and death. 

As with most camera types there are many suppliers and a wide selection depending on your budget and required data quality. Flir Systems seem to have the reputation as being one of the best thermal cameras in the market with the Flir Vue or Flir Vue Pro being the top choices.

TTA can provide suggested camera types for all of our products, this will ensure that the buyer will have a payload that has already been developed and tested with our equipment. We would like to hear from any camera / sensor companies that are interested in becoming a preferred supplier. The advantages brought to you by teaming up with our market leading products can provide huge marketing benefits.

If requested TTA can also develop any camera / sensor type to suit our products on a case by case basis. Our experienced design and manufacturing team are perfectly situated to work closely with any potential user to help them find a solution to their operations.

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