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Multispectral imaging involves the collection of data across the electromagnetic spectrum, This includes light that is visible and invisible to the human eye. Through the use of filters, multispectral sensors capture, within broad and separate bands, the light reflected off the surface of vegetation and other objects. Not all objects absorb light the same way or absorb it differently under certain conditions, the amount of light they reflect, known as their spectral reflectance, varies. They typically include the broad bands of red, green and blue as well as a narrowband of blue or red, plus the red-edge and near-infrared (NIR).

One of the most common application for this is to check vegetation health. Farmers use this to determine crop condition and where to apply fertiliser or pesticides. Other uses include 3 dimensional mapping of land or buildings.

TTA can provide suggested camera types for all of our products, this will ensure that the buyer will have a payload that has already been developed and tested with our equipment. We would like to hear from any camera / sensor companies that are interested in becoming a preferred supplier. The advantages brought to you by teaming up with our market leading products can provide huge marketing benefits.

If requested TTA can also develop any camera / sensor type to suit our products on a case by case basis. Our experienced design and manufacturing team are perfectly situated to work closely with any potential user to help them find a solution to their operations.

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