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Our Turbine Engines

Our initial product line uses unique micro turbine engines. We believe that using this power source enables our products to operate more efficiently and safely in all environments and for all applications. no longer do you have to worry about batteries failing at low or high temperature, working at high altitude is no longer a concern and there is no need to tune your engine to specific environments as with a piston engine.

● Turbine jet can sustainably operate under low temperature and high altitude.

● Compared to a standard piston engine the time between overhaul (TBO) of Turbine jet engine is longer. This is due to the less complex structure of our turbine engines.

● A Turbine jet engine has substantially less noise compare to piston-based engine, thus, it is much more suitable for low-altitude airspace flight.

● Turbine jet engines can produce more power under the same engine size than that of a piston engine.

● The Turbine engine has a very light total weight and small installation space. The X1 turbine engine weighs only 1.5kg

● Unlike a battery powered UAV, the turbine jet engine can operate efficiently and with greater stability in low temperatures without the use of heating element. Using heating elements for batteries is a very inefficient use of power

X1 Engine Specifications

Engine Performance

Max Power Output 

6.8hp (5kW) @ 190,000 rpm

Max Torque Output

4Nm @ 13,500 rpm, 7.53hp (5.62kW)

Practical rpm range

4,000 to 18,000 rpm, 3.24Nm, 7hp (5.3kW)

Gearbox output shaft rpm range

4,000 to 15,000 rpm

Gearbox Ratio

2nd stage turbine to output shaft - 4.825:1

Engine Dimensions



Length (including gearbox shaft)




Height - Tip to output shaft


Engine Includes built in rpm sensor, Thermocouple and Starter

 ●  The below figure shows the shaft power output at full engine rpm of our X1 turbine engine.

●  The Below figure shows the percentage power output for scaling against engine of our X1 turbine engine.

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