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During the mission planning prior to the mission, the ground station can visually display the relative height of the planned route to the ground. The unmanned opportunity will follow the terrain in accordance with the planned relative altitude and will never fall below the set safe flight altitude.

Binocular vision + ultrasonic obstacle avoidance

The so-called binocular stereoscopic vision is the use of two visual images of the sensor, the distance between the fixed, measuring the angle between the object and the sensor, the object and the distance between the known distance between the two sensors and the object And the angle between the two sensors, can calculate the distance between the object and the UAV.

Simply, binocular vision is to use two cameras to imitate the effect of eye-catching eyes, through the relevant algorithm in the computer to draw the brain after processing the screen. We can through this technology, get the distance between the measured target, get the target three-dimensional information.

In the interior of its binocular vision will be weak when you can just use the ultrasound, and then in the outdoor binocular vision is too large, there will always be missing part of this time ultrasonic can also be used as a supplement. Ultrasonic characteristics are used to measure the distance is very accurate, but cannot form the depth of information between the points, it can only measure a distance. For example, the radar on the car is ultrasonic, it tells you that there is an obstacle in a direction, but it cannot tell you which point has an obstacle, but with binocular vision or structural light I can measure which point the depth information. Will be binocular vision barrier and ultrasonic avoidance combined use, can complement each other, in order to achieve the purpose of UAV autonomous flight.

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