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The Thunder Tiger Aviation X1 is our first evolution of UAV's designed specifically for commercial markets. Our products will make drone operations even more cost effective and further mitigate risks associated to a multitude of applications throughout many different industries.

X1 Overview

The main benefits of the X1 is the speed and stability of the drone. This allows for rapid deployment to get to the area of interest as quickly as possible. No extra consideration is required if working in low temperatures or high altitude as with other industry standard UAV's. The payload capabilities is equal to other UAV's in its class allowing for a number of different camera types to be deployed. 

Due to its size and ease of transportation the X1 is our drone of choice to carry out customer demonstrations.

If you would like to see and be amazed by our technology and capabilities please do not hesitate to contact your local sales representative.


The payload capability and speed of the X1 makes this the ideal UAV for 

1 - Image Capture - Applications where the camera is required to travel at increased speeds.

2 - Blue light services -  Rapid response where it is required to get tot the area of interest as quickly as possible to survey a situation.

3 - Standard operations - Carrying our operations that use small camera & gimbal types to such as Thermal or GoPro


The X1 comes complete with our unique micro turbine engine as standard, industrial grade ground control station and has interchangeable payload capability. The micro turbine engine is the smallest of its kind to be used in the UAV industry. It not only produces market leading power and speed but also provides unrivalled stability especially when used in low temperatures or high altitudes where other industry LiPo Battery powered UAV's.

Our Ground Control Station (GCS) provides fully autonomous flight with auto take off, unlimited waypoint planning, Return to home and auto landing functions. 

The payload capability is fully adjustable to suit any camera and gimbal with a weight of up to 1.5kg. If your operation requires heavier payload capability then have a look at our other products.  

X1 Specifications

Flight Performance

Physical Specifications

Max Speed


Major Dimension


Ideal Payload Weight



1350 x 610 x 370mm

Flight Endurance


with 3kg p/l

Gross Weight:



Operating Ceiling


Tail Rotor


Operating Temp.

-20degC to 


Payload Type




Power Source

Electronic Systems

Power Source

Turbine Engine

Ground Control Station


Fuel Type

Jet A1 Fuel

Control Distance


Supplied Services

FPV Camera


Service Plan


Training School


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