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The SK-GCS is professional ground control software with Primary Flight Display (PFD), comprehensive real time aircraft monitoring, and offline maps (does not require an internet).

 ● One-key automatic take-off and landing.
 ● Full autonomous mission planning with waypoints, flight planner wizard, and actions.
 ● One-key-fail safe return-home function.
 ● Full autopilot mode, semi-autopilot mode with pilot assist, or manual control via traditional RC controller.
 ● Built-in video display.
 ● Watt-hour monitoring for electric helicopters or fuel usage monitoring for gasoline helicopters.
 ● Redundant safety features built-in.

2、System Modules
 ● Flight Panel Diagram

1- Primary Flight Display (PFD) 17 - Moving Maps

2 - UAV Health Indicators 18 - Map Zoom Out

    -Provides real time telemetry information

3 - RC Controller Link 19 - Map Zoom In

4 - Main UAV Health State 20 - Use Cached Map
    -Shows health status, warnings and error states

5 - Telemetry Radio Link 22 - Centre Map on UAV
21 - Satellite Map View

6 - Event Log 22 - Centre Map on UAV

7 - Flight Timer 23 - Clear UAV Trail

8 - Manual Mode 24 - UAV Actions Indicator

9 - Hold Position Mode 25 - UAV Longitude and Latitude Position

10 - Return to Home 26 - UAV Nose Heading

11 - Begin/Flying Mission 27 - Distance from Home

12 - Flight Mission File Name 28 - Map Scale

13 - Flight Plan Uploaded to UAV 29 - Camera and Gimbal Option

14 - Telemetry Radio Link 30 - FPV Video Display

15 - Configuration Panel 31 - FPV Camera On/Off

16 - Autopilot Flight Panel

 ● Mission Planner Diagram

[1]Create New or Upload Saved Flight Plans [13]Center Map on Mission

[2]&[3]Waypoints and Actions Panel [14]Center Map on UAV
[4]Save Missions and Cache Maps from internet for offline use [15]Satellite Map View
[5]Check flight plan for collision with terrain [16]Use Cache Maps
[6]Reference Altitude for UAV, set to Launch Point or Sea Level [17]Map Zoom In and Out
-Settings can be changed in the UAV configuration page
[7]Upload flight plan to Google Earth [18]Map location search
-Allow operator to pan Google Earth around, and look from the side to make sure the flight path does not collide with terrain or other obstacles.
[8]Allow operator to save a new mission using existing map cache [19]UAV Configuration Panel
[9]Upload flight plan to UAV [20]Telemetry Radio Link
[10]Undo last waypoint [21]Flight Plan Uploaded to UAV
[11]Mission Total Distance [22]Flight Mission File Name
[12]Leg distance between waypoints

●UAV Configuration Panel

The UAV configuration panel allows the Ground Operator to change settings on the Ground Control software and the UAV. There are three setting options: Display Options, System Settings, Additional Utilities.

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