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New Age Farming Techniques

Historically, farmers have used the age old, time consuming method of walking their fields to gain a better understanding of their crops. They look to understand crop growth, health, weeds, insect count and field irrigation all of this information helps them understand where and when they need to apply fertiliser and pesticides. 

Precision agriculture has become a critical element in todays farming world. More and more farmers are turning to technology to assist them in maximising their efficiency and yield. The use of drones and special camera types help the farmers better understand the health and condition of their crop. A UAV can cover hundreds of acres of crop in a single flight, vastly reducing the man hours or extra costs that would be associated with using light aircraft.

Surveying Crops

There are two ways in which a drone can help the farmer with his crop. the first is to use special cameras that can carry out plant counts, check field irrigation, diagnose pest issues, capture thermal imaging to determine plant health, and understand nutrient deficiencies. Using image processing software you can then transform these shots into one large map of your crop. This map is the key to boosting yields, cutting costs, and driving your business forwards. The map highlights exactly which areas of crop need closer examination – meaning less time spent scouting, and more time treating the plants that need it.

Spraying Crops

The second is to use the UAV to accurately spray the crops with Fertiliser or pesticides. The data received from the software help them understand the areas that require to most assistance, whether it be more fertiliser or pesticides. By targeting specific area the farmer can reduce the amount of chemicals used by up to 40% and this has can have an overall effect of increasing the crop yield. In some cases it is known to increase the yield up to 15%.

Camera Types

There are a number of different camera and sensor types that provide varying data to tell you all you need to know about your crops. I have highlighted some of these cameras below and their usage in crop management. Please go to our payload pages to find out more about different camera types.

RGB Camera - Red/Green/Blue cameras will let you carry out a crop inspection, plant identification and crop counting.

Multispectral - Near Infrared (NIR) and Red Edge (RE) helps you understand crop health, irrigation measurement, soil and moisture analysis. These camera types are available individually but commonly supplied together.

Thermal Imaging - Thermal infrared cameras helps establish plant maturity, irrigation scheduling, plant physiology analysis and yield forecasting.

Thunder Tiger Aviation UAV's

The combination of long flight times and heavy payload capabilities ensures TTA UAV's lead the way for agricultural use. Our single rotor UAV's can access areas of land and get a higher level of detail than any other drone on the market. We can fly with heavy payloads for long periods of time allowing us to carry heavy cameras or pesticides to spray the crop.

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