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Building the Future

Global construction is a major industry that is not known for its efficiency. It is estimated that over 14% of all materials purchased are not used and end up in land fills. This multi trillion industry is now relying on new technologies to make their business more cost effective. From the initial “greenfield state” mapping and surveying to asset management and site security, UAV’s can assist throughout the life cycle of the construction process with large scale infrastructure projects reaping the most benefits.

Initial land surveys are one of the biggest advantages of UAV use in construction. Drones can gather and generate 3D maps of the desired location far more efficiently and accurately than traditional methods. This allows contractors to accurately measure distances and volumes of land. By overlaying data of ongoing projects you can compare current ground levels against the predetermined plan to identify the areas of the project that are not on track.

Tracking the progress of the project is made far cheaper and safer with the use of drones. They can be easily and frequently deployed to track the site progress to a level that had previously never been known. Identifying key assets such as equipment, materials, stockpile and excavation volumes can be easily done with the use of UAV’s. This allows the site manager to quickly tell where there are any potential issues, if the job is on schedule or if there are any areas that require more resources to help with progress, trimmings costs and saving any delays. 

In all construction work, monitoring the site is a laborious task but can be a critical element. UAV’s are an effective tool to use to provide eyes in the sky to help ensure contractor down time is kept to a minimum, materials and assets are controlled and site security is maintained.

To find a suitable camera or sensor for your construction project please take a look at out Payload types on our technology tab.

Thunder Tiger Aviation UAV's

Long flight times allow for large areas of construction to be covered and surveyed more efficiently. Thunder Tiger Aviation UAV's are leading the way with flight time combined with payload capability and stability. These advantages will save time and money during construction projects.

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