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Emergency Assistance

Understanding and monitoring a situation is essential for all of the emergency services. Whether its the Police Force, Fire or Medical Services being able to quickly and accurately survey the situation allows them to provide the best possible assistance.

The emergency services commonly work in high risk situations, the use of UAV’s minimises the risk involved in each operation by being able to monitor the situation without the need of placing staff in harms way. They can save the emergency services vast amounts of money by minimising the need for using helicopters. UAV’s are far more easily deployed, controlled and cost effective and can also capture for more detailed information.

There are many uses for UAV’s in emergency situations. Some of the uses and benefits are listed below:

Rapid Response - UAV’s can quickly and easily be deployed to the scene of an emergency, providing much needed information in a timely manner reducing the severity of the situation.

Situation Awareness - Asses the emergency situation without putting people in harms way.  Determine the safest path for approach and rescue, assess burning buildings,  flooded areas, structures or large accidents and direct ground force operations with real time data of the emergency situation.

Search, Monitor & Follow - Using special cameras you can search for missing people or find hiding fugitives - Monitor dangerous situations or crowds of people from a safe distance - Track and follow suspect targets - Spot cannabis farms or provide a heat map of burning buildings.

Border Control - UAV’s are ideal for covering large areas in a uniformed manner in a short period of time. Searching for drug trafficking, illegal immigrant border crossing on land or sea can easily carried out with UAV’s providing real time data feedback.

As with all industries there are many different camera or sensor types that can be used to give you the required data. The most commonly used cameras used for emergency service applications are High Definition cameras, Thermal Cameras or Night Vision Cameras. For an more detailed explanation of each camera type please go to payload type page on our Technology tab.

Thunder Tiger Aviation UAV's

Being able to respond quickly and get to the scene is critical in emergency situations. Thunder Tiger Aviation UAV's high power output and speed allows them to get to the location in as short a time possible. Our extended flight time is far greater than industry standard battery powered drones. This allows to search for or follow  targets or survey emergency situations for longer periods. This can prove to be critical an emergency.

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