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Now is the time

Never has it been more important to protect the environment and the world we live in. We are constantly looking at new ways to protect our planet: recycling, conserving water, using renewable energy and eating sustainable food sources are just a few of the ways that we can help. One of the most critical factors in protecting our environment is education, to be able to educate others how to help we must first gather information and understand what is happening to the world we live in. UAV’s are the newest tool that will help us gather information to help us understand our environment and make informed decisions on how best to change or manage our impact. Now is the time for us to use this new technology to help protect our planet.

There are many, many areas in which the use of drones can help us gather the required information. Carrying our environmental monitoring and surveys with UAV’s vastly reduces labour costs as well as significantly improving operating efficiency. Something that may have taken days or weeks to survey on foot only capturing very basic data can now be done in a fraction of the time  and have many different types of date to educate us on what is going on. Using UAV’s allows us to survey a far greater amount of land than ever before and survey single areas repeatedly to build up a better picture of how it is affected and how we can improve it.

There are an endless amount of applications for UAV’s,  coastal erosion, forestry mapping, plant or animal counting, natural disaster / storm assessment and terrain modelling are just a few of the example listed below.

Land & Coastal SurveysPlants & Animals Storm & Disaster Management

- Coastal Surveys
- Forestry Mapping
- River Banks
- Mountains & Cliffs
- Glacier Surveys
- Beach Modelling

- Wildlife Counting
- Plant Counting
- Vegetation Health Analysis
- Species Identification
- Migration Tracking
- Anti Poaching assistance
- Flood Inspection
- Fire Detection
- Land Slide Surveys
- Storm Damage Assessment

Thunder Tiger Aviation UAV’s

Different UAV types are suited to different applications with smaller lightweight UAV’s being more suited to short surveys or operations in an urban area. Thunder Tiger Aviation UAV’s larger and more robust. The extended flight times and extra payload capabilities make our products are capable of carrying out long surveys with more specialised, heavy equipment in remote or harsh environments. 

As with many other industries and applications there are many different camera or sensor types that can be used. For monitoring or imaging of target areas and objects a RGB camera can be used to capture such as coastal erosion, identify species types and product surface models. Multispectral Cameras capture data that can be used for assessing plant health and forrest density. Thermal cameras are being used to count wildlife in remote or large areas such as deer counting in the highlands or seal counting on the coastline. For more detailed information on camera types please go to the payload section on our technology tab.

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