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A New Perspective

Before the invention of UAV’s, helicopters were used to capture aerial shots and footage. This was not only a very time consuming and expensive operation but it also came with an element of risk having pilots and cameramen attached and sometimes hanging out of helicopters. UAV’s have transformed media and entertainment by allowing cheap and easy access to jaw dropping aerial footage.

From Sporting event, news programs to movies, UAV’s are providing a new perspective for video or image capture. Its very rare these days to turn on the television and not see some footage that has not been captured by a drone. Sporting events such as Football, Golf and Athletics now provide the viewer and coaches images captured by aerial cameras. This new perspective provides the viewer with never before seen camera angles and helps the coaches have wide view of the action to provide feedback from. Movie makers are wowing cinema goes with ever new angles and images captured by drones.

Its not only the entertainment industry that are cashing in, tourism, wedding photographers estate agents and the average man or woman on the street are using UAV’s to capture the most jaw dropping images from the sky. it seems that if its not drone footage then its not worth having.

Even the cheapest and most basic of UAV’s can capture reasonable images from an aerial perspective but for the more serious applications a more substantial platform and cameras are required. Octocopters are commonly used throughout the industry due to their stability and ability to carry reasonably sized payloads. The big downside of these however is the flight time. As will all LiPo battery powered UAV’s the battery life restricts the flight time to around 20 minutes maximum.

Thunder Tiger Aviation UAV's

Thunder Tiger Aviation UAV’s not only allow for heavy payloads (camera & gimbal) to be lifted with great stability they also give the operator the extended flight time required to capture that all important shot. 

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