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The Future of Discovery

Surface mining is far more common than the better known sub surface mining where deep holes are dug into the ground to explore for and extract minerals and ore. Surface mining is when the vegetation, soil or surface rock is removed and large pits or quarries are dug to uncover buried ore and minerals. This entails the removal of large quantities of earth and stone to get to the reach the ore deposits. This process is a dangerous, time consuming and environmentally sensitive task. 

UAV's are now being used in many different areas of the mining process to ensure safe retrieval, efficient mining and low environmental impact is achieved. Through out the life cycle of the mining process drones can add significant value to all operations. Listed below are some typical uses for drones throughout  the life cycle of a surface mine.

Initial site planning - Aerial images can be used to determine the site location, placement of access roads. 3D maps can be formed to establish topography, vegetation levels and accurate earth volume measurements.

Construction and Operations - During construction and operations UAVs can assist with reduce risk to workers, Operation Planning & reporting and Site security. Accurately measure extraction pits and stockpile volumes by using 3D mapping. Blast planning, monitoring and reporting can be easily and quickly carried out from an areal perspective. Progress monitoring and site surveying can easily be carried out to ensure the project is going to plan. Site security, contractor efficiency and plant management can be surveyed to ensure efficient and safe operations.

Safety Auditing and environmental impact - surveys can be carried out easily, quickly and efficiently with the use of drones. Data can be gathered to ensure safe and efficient operations.

Thunder Tiger Aviation UAV's

The recurring theme of TTA UAV specifications is that extended flight times and payload capability provide significant advantages over other industry standard drones. Our products are capable of carrying heavy sensor types such as LiDar that are critical to survey operations for longer than any other UAV.

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