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Typically operating in remote and extreme locations the Oil & Gas industry are constantly utilising new technologies to ensure the safety and efficiency of their operations. This industry is one of the most progressive industries in the world but also has a reputation as being wasteful and in some cases dangerous.

The Oil and Gas industry are understanding the benefits provided by UAV's and are using them in applications such as inspections and surveying. Inspection operations were historically very time consuming, expensive and dangerous, they were typically carried out by using the time consuming methods of scaffold or rope access workers to get to the area of interest. Oil Rigs typically had to be shut down to allow human access to some of these areas which resulted in millions of dollars in lost revenue.

UAV's can carry out inspections in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods, this not only saves in lost revenue from rig down time but also allows easier planning of rig inspections and for more regular and precise operations. Structural engineers and maintenance teams can use the data taken by the drone and pinpoint any areas of concern such as corrosion, deformation or damage. This information can be built up from regular inspections which will help the end user have a better understanding of maintenance requirements and planned maintenance operations. In some occasions the Oil rig does not even have to shut down to carry out the inspection. The limited risks associated with getting a drone to carry out the inspection means that production does not have to cease to carry out the task. This alone can save millions of dollars in production costs. Some typical areas of inspections where UAV's provide the most benefits are Flare Stack, Derrick, Over the side, Rig leg and pipeline inspections.

Thunder Tiger Aviation UAV's

Thunder Tiger Aviation UAV's are best suited to long flight time and heavy payload applications, in the oil industry this would be pipeline surveys and also deliveries to and from vessels or shore to the installation. With flight times of up to and beyond 90 mins our UAV's can carry out far more time consuming projects with limited down time for medial tasks suck as changing batteries, this is especially critical when inspecting pipelines or large areas of infrastructure. Our payload capability allows us to carry significant loads for long durations to carry equipment or supplies to and from installations. 

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