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Securing Your Work

Security is another area where UAV's are becoming popular tools. In large scale construction sites, top security buildings or areas of high worth it is important to protect these locations from theft of destruction. UAV's can be easily deployed and manoeuvred in these locations to provide an extra level of security. They can quickly cover large areas of ground or access areas that are difficult to reach on foot such as large construction  sites or rooftops. By utilising different camera types UAV's can provide a greater level of detail when inspecting and securing the desired location. 

A single UAV can be controlled from a central location and can cover the ground area which would take a team of security guards reducing costs and increasing security for each locations. The drones can track any suspect persons and get detailed images of them and their actions. Having a drone on site is an excellent deterrent and security tool.

Thunder Tiger Aviation UAV's

Thunder Tiger UAV's provide excellent flight times and payload capability which will allow for nearly any camera type to be carried and will supply sufficient flight time to cover even the largest of sites. Please go to our Technology tab to see the different camera types available for our UAV's 

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