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Roads and Rail Assistance

Inspections of rail lines and roads are a time consuming and laborious task. Up until now there has been no easier way of carrying out this task other than by foot or by helicopter. Both of which are time consuming, expensive and inaccurate. Helicopters are expensive to hire and operate and the data captured from them can be inaccurate and hard to put together.

Using UAV's to carry out pre construction surveys and inspections of roads and rail can dramatically cut costs and provide more accurate information. Special sensors and cameras can be used to carry out topographical surveys to ensure roads and rail are placed in suitable locations. Detailed maps and plans can be put together of the planned sites and progress of operations can be tracked.

Inspections carried out by drones are far more efficient and accurate than by human, a UAV can be programmed to follow the rail line and capture detailed information one every section. Software can be used to stitch this information together and from the resulting data an engineer can be sent to any suspect locations to examine and rectify any issues. As the costs for inspections decreases dramatically then it becomes more economical to carry out multiple inspections within a year. Getting detailed information in a continuous basis can help the engineers understand the condition of the line and how often it needs maintained. This level of information will help the engineers to produce more accurate maintenance plans for each locations 

Thunder Tiger Aviation UAV's 

Flight time and stability are critical factors to be able to carry out cost effective detailed reports on rail and road structures. TTA drones are the best in the market in Flight time and payload capability. This allows for longer operations to be carried out in a single flight as well as the most up to date sensor type be carried. Typical UAV's are battery powered and have flight times of around 20 minutes before they need to come down and get the battery charged. TTA UAV's have flight times in excess of 80mins.

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