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A New Perspective

UAV's are allowing us to view the world like never before. No longer do we need to spend bucketfuls of money and have to accept the dangers of hiring helicopters or constructing scaffold to capture aerial images. Drones make it easy to capture the same shots at a fraction of the price and with very little safety risks. Drones are very mobile and can easily deployed at a moments notice (assuming the required permissions are granted of course). The angles and images that we can capture with drones are revolutionising film and media. Even the most amateur of photographer can use a drone to capture the most awe inspiring of shots. Sporting events are being covered like never before.

The types of cameras being used are wide and varied, from High Definition SLR cameras to 4K video and slow motion video.With technology advances and cameras becoming smaller and cheaper, high end video capture has become common place in all sports, media and entertainment sectors. Thunder Tiger Aviations range of UAV's can add valuable minutes onto the flight time of operations. So theres no need to rush to get the shot. Our UAV's can be airborne with cameras weighing up to 10kg and for up to 90 mins

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