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Inspections of large structures and difficult to reach areas have always been costly and time consuming operations. Scaffold, rope access operations and even helicopters are commonly used to carry out inspections on bridges large buildings and large areas of infrastructure. 

By using drones the time and cost of these operations are dramatically reduced UAV's allow for more detailed and frequent inspections which help us understand the condition and life cycle of the subject. The risks involved in inspections with rope access, scaffold or helicopters are also significant. By using drones you no longer have to put your workers in harms way and can quickly and safely gather the required data and only send an engineer to any areas of concern to carry out repairs or further inspections.

Thunder Tiger UAVs push the boundaries of inspection operations. Ideally suited for inspecting large areas of infrastructure such as power lines, pipelines or wind turbine's. The extended flight times of our products allows for a far greater area to be covered in a single flight and hence a quicker and cheaper operations. 

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