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Delivering the Future

Deliveries by drone will be a major step in the logistics market. As the consumer needs increase, the expected level of service also increases, consumers are more demanding expecting quicker and more efficient delivery times.

Some major retail & delivery companies have already carried out trail deliveries in remote locations, however in all reality it is likely to be a number of years before drone deliveries are common place in urban areas. The level of infrastructure required, risk management, regulatory requirements and safety precautions that need to be in place to allow wide scale deliveries, means that we are not quite there with drone deliveries, yet! Another hurdle in deliveries with UAV’s are the limitations most authorities place on them with the distance they can travel. In most regulated countries UAV’s are not allowed to fly beyond the visual line of sight (BVLOS) of the operator. As technology and reliability of UAV’s improve the case grows to allow UAV’s to fly for longer and BVLOS. Most local aviation authorities can see the huge potential of extended UAV flight and are working towards changing their legislation to allow drone flight BVLOS at the same time they have to make sure the air worthiness of the UAV and pilot competency will meet specific standards and the risk to third parties is reduced to as low as reasonably practical.

The exception to the flying beyond line of sight rule seems to be in foreign countries that require humanitarian aid and / or countries with vast areas of rural land. The risks associated with carrying out deliveries in these areas are reduced and the benefits of using UAV’s to carry goods far out weighs the risk and cost associated in using traditional delivery methods. Medical supplies and humanitarian aid are commonly being delivered by UAV. In disaster zones UAV’s have been used to distribute medical supplies in some African countries. In Australia UAV’s have been used to carry insemination packages for cattle. 

Thunder Tiger Aviation UAV’s

Thunder Tiger Aviation UAV’s have substantial payload capabilities. Couple that together with their available flight time and stability and it makes them the ideal tool to carry out logistical services. Please go to our product pages to find out the capability of our UAV’s.

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