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An Eye in the sky

Police forces and security firms are embracing new technologies to ensure that they can protect the public and their employers. Having aerial cover has historically been the job of a helicopter and its crew. This is an expensive operation and puts personal in unnecessary danger. Using a UAV you can dramatically reduce costs of an operation, reduce the risk to personnel and carry out operations in a quicker more efficient manner. Drones can also be deployed far quicker than a helicopter and can access locations where it would not be safe for a helicopter to go.

Some examples of where UAV's can assist in surveillance operations are listed below.

●Border Control - Remote launch from land or ship, cover vast areas with minimal exposure.

●Situation Awareness - Top cover for armed forces or emergency services in dangerous operations or locations.

●Track & Follow - Track and follow identified target with minimal exposure and risk to personnel.

●Site Security - Watch over large construction sites or large buildings with minimal effort and great accuracy.

Thunder Tiger Aviation UAV's add particular benefits to these operations with their extended flight times and stability. Our drones are easily deployed and will stay in the air for longer than other industry standard products giving the user more time to survey, follow or search the desired location.

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