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Aerial Information

The common theme with all UAV applications is that they provide a new and cheaper method of gathering information. They are a far more cost effective option compared to a helicopter and can purchased or hired at a comparatively small cost. This cost reduction has opened the door to many small businesses allowing them to gather the required data to maximise their output of make their operations run more efficiently.

Mapping and Surveying is no different to any other operation, UAV's provide an excellent platform to carry the required camera or sensor needed to gather important information for your operation. There are many different cameras, sensors and software that can be used in this field all gathering different types of information. Please visit our technology page for an overview of different cameras/sensors. Some Typical applications of mapping or surveying are details below

●Forestry - Gather information on forest health, logging activities, forest fires, tree count and improve forest management.

●Coastal Surveys - Identify corrosion areas, vegetation surveys topography mapping.

●Land Surveys - land condition for infrastructure or building placement, environmental surveys.

●Building Surveys - Pinpoint accurate surveys of buildings or large structures.

●Energy - Electricity cable calculation, vegetation ingress into power lines.

●Mining - Initial land volume calculations, progress tracking - extraction pits and stockpile volumes.

●Agriculture - Land analysis, Crop health check, Pesticide & fertiliser planning.

It is common to use fixed wing UAV's for mapping operations due to the flight times that they provide over standard battery powered drones. These fixed wing drones have a very limited payload capability which restricts them from carrying the most advanced sensors which means their captured data is not as accurate as it could be. Their manoeuvrability is also not as good as a rotary UAV which restricts them from getting data from hard to reach locations. TTA's UAV's have bridged the gap between typical quad copters and fixed wing drones. Our products are not only capable of carrying substantial payloads (advanced camera technology), they are extremely manoeuvrable to get to difficult locations and they can also fly for extended periods of time allowing for large areas to be covered in a single flight. This sets them out as being the best in class for capturing highly accurate data in mapping operations.

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