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Introducing the Thunder Tiger Aviation X2, designed specifically for commercial markets and operations. It has been developed so that it can handle multiple different types and sizes of payloads which allows it to undertake numerous types of applications in many different industry sectors. The features and benefits that the X2 brings to the table are top of its class and will will reduce the risks typically associated with desired applications it will also reduce the cost of these operations.

What stands the X2 out from the crowd, apart from the sleek design and the strong Thunder Tiger brand are the, flight times, payload capabilities, stability  & speed. These industry leading features allows the X2 to be the most versatile UAV on the market capable of handling almost all camera types and sizes. This versatility enables the X2 to carry out many different applications, from high quality 3D mapping to high definition image capture. 

Typical Applications

By putting together impressive flight times and payload capabilities we can cover many different applications for numerous industries. Listed below are some typical applications that the X2 is suited to. For a more detailed breakdown of how our products can be utilised in each industry or service please go to our Applications pages.

1 - Inspections - With flight times of up to 90 mins we have immediately increased the amount of data that can be captured in a single flight resulting in quicker more cost effective operations. The impressive payload capability allows for almost any camera / sensor to be easily integrated. Operations that are ideally suited to the X2 are Power line, Pipeline & Wind Turbine Inspections. 

2 - Mapping & Surveying - This is where the payload capabilities provide huge advantages, together with the increased flight time allows for larger areas to be covered in a single flight. Our impressive payload capability allows for a greater range and higher quality camera to be carried, this is of great benefit when considering LiDar cameras.

3 - Search & Rescue / image capture -   Speed and Stability are crucial to the search and rescue market where UAV's are required to operate quickly and often in harsh weather conditions. The speed of our X2 allows it to quickly get to the scene of an incident and cover vast areas when searching or following a desired object. Thermal imaging cameras can be used to capture date that would not otherwise be visible to the naked eye or standard camera.

Turbine Engine - The X2 comes complete with our unique micro turbine engine as standard. The micro turbine engine is the smallest of its kind to be used in the UAV industry. It not only produces market leading power and speed but also provides unrivalled stability especially when used in low temperatures or high altitudes where other industry LiPo Battery powered UAV's. Combining the stability and lifting power of the turbine engine with the available flight times 

Ground Control Station (GCS) - Our industrial grade Ground Control Station provides fully autonomous flight with auto take off, unlimited waypoint planning, Return to home and auto landing functions. This is essential when carrying out operations so that you can uniformly cover an area when mapping or surveying and easily control the UAV when carrying our inspections or other operations.

Payload Flexibility - The front mounted payload bay allows the X2 to carry a wide range of cameras and gimbals weighing up to 5kg for 90 mins. We have already integrated and tested a variety of camera types that will suit nearly all applications. Our retractable undercarriage provides the capability of a 360deg field of vision.If you have a specific payload requirement please let us know and we will work with you to integrate it into our UAV. If your operation requires heavier payload capability then have a look at our X3  

X2 Specifications

Flight Performance

Physical Specifications

Max Speed


Major Dimension


Ideal Payload Weight




Flight Endurance


With 5kg p/l 

Gross Weight:


< 24kg

Operating Ceiling


Tail Rotor


Operating Temp.

-20degC to 


Payload Type




Power Source

Electronic Systems

Power Source

Turbine Engine

Ground Control Station


Fuel Type

Jet A1 Fuel

Control Distance


Supplied Services

FPV Camera


Service Plan


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