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A Brief History:

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or drones as they are commonly known originated from the US military in the 1960's. There were even earlier types of UAV's being used by the military for target practice as far back as 1915 and before that Unmanned Balloons were used to cary military equipment. The UAV's produced from the 60's onwards were initially used in military missions deemed too dangerous or dirty for humans. With the advances in technology and component costs becoming ever cheaper, UAV use has been transformed and has expanded into many other industries.

Modern Day UAV's:

Civilian UAV use now vastly outnumbers military use with millions of UAV's being used for commercial applications such as blue light services, Inspections of large buildings and infrastructure, humanitarian operations and mapping and surveying. UAV's are providing an extra dimension for capturing essential data across many industries. Different camera and sensors can be attached or carried by the UAV's to capture the required data and by using the associated software this data can be translated to give a detailed report for the end user. Typical camera types and output data are thermal & Infra red cameras for searching for missing persons or criminals, LiDar or multispectral cameras for carrying out detailed maps of target locations such as quarries, large structures or vegetation and High Definition cameras to carry out detailed inspections or images for the media and entertainment industry. UAV's not only save time and money but they reduce the risk to personnel that would typically carry out the task. For a more detailed explanation of how UAV's can be used in each industry please visit our pages on Applications - By Industry or By Service

Thunder Tiger Aviation UAV's:

Even with some of the more modern UAVs the operations are time consuming and expensive. The most commonly used drones are still battery powered with limited flight time and payload capabilities where the operator needs to repeatedly land his UAV to change the battery, this limits the amount of data that can be captured in a single flight and the overall duration of each operation. The extended flight times provided by Thunder Tiger Aviation products allows for far longer single operations thus reducing the amount of time needed to capture all the required data. Thunder Tiger Aviation products can also handle impressive payload weights, this allows for heavier camera loads and packages to be carried longer than previously possible. The increased flight time and payload capabilities of our drones can mean crucial operations like Search & Rescue, inspections and Surveys can be carried out far quicker than with other industry standard UAV's. For a more detailed look at our products specification please visit our products overview page.

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